Added a ‘things to know’ page to my blog, why don’t you check it out

I'm sorry you're feeling blue! I heard about the art theft as well, that's really terrible and I'm sorry that had to happen to you. =C I really admire your art and don't want to stop posting because of that jerk.

Thanks, I rlly appreciate it. I doubt I’ll actually stop posting gravity falls stuff but I’m still wary of posting sketches at this point„„„ ,

man I havent done ygo fanart in yearS, my first and last so far was this one„, i need to do more omg

I remember yugioh gx I watched it a little bit, but never really got into it probably because I liked the original yugioh better pfffft me always going for the originals. Oh yeah I saw those cards before the HERO cards that was cool. :3 Oh and hey I've heard about that art theft and I'm really sorry. That person was a real jerk. :(

Yeah I watched the gx dub when I was younger and it was ridicuLOUS, so I watched it subbed a few years back and it was still vERY silly but I rlly enjoyed it. Tbh it’s the only ygo series I’ve watched all the way through haha. And yES I love my hero cards too omfg. Thanks for the sympathy too„„, ,

Hello how's it going. :3 I'm bored.

Eh I’m alright, watching ygo gx and going through my cards rn haha

Hey! I think the lpsgmelissa she's stopping stealing your art now you can tell her to message but she's have a other is melissajohansenblog but first you click the queued and that melissajohansenblog you have to say "thank you" to her is that you will?

You know, I don’t think that’s true considering I went to that blog and the first goddamn picture has another of my sketches colored in it. I know what my own art looks like jfc this is ridiculous I’m sick of it. Do I have to report that blog too because I will.

Are you sad? Because if so, there’s a whole bunch of virtual hugging coming your way.

oH I’m fine no need to worry, but thank you!

Something fun and helpful in case your still feeling down. List 10 things that make you happy, then when your feeling blue come look at the list to help cheer you up because you shouldn't be sad, ever.

oH thanks that’s good advice ;u; I’ve been feeling a little better as of late, tbh getting back into yugioh has helped a bit?? haha it’s silly but it’s nice to be able to enjoy it again!